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Instructional Technology Specialist for a school district in York County, PA. Former science teacher. Looking to help teachers use technology naturally with their teaching instead of trying to "add it in" .

Using Images in the Science Classroom for Formative Assessment

One of our 8th grade science teachers, Mr. Steve Hersh, recently shared a successful lesson that he prepared for his science classes to wrap up the topic of electrical circuits. This lesson followed several labs where students used Snap Circuit kits … Continue reading

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Atoms and iPads

One of the classrooms in our device pilot is a 9th grade science classroom taught by Mr. Christian Ehrhart. Mr. Ehrhart manages and designs his instruction by the concepts of Mastery Learning. In a nutshell, students must meet the expectations for … Continue reading

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Classroom Cart Pilot

A new school year is underway and our district will have a lot of exciting things happening this year. Several classrooms will be provided with a classroom cart of iPad minis or Google Chromebooks. This will give us a chance … Continue reading

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Graphing Functions in a BYOD Classroom

Graphing functions in Algebra class is a task that has long been dominated by the use of a TI graphing calculator. But now, in a Bring Your Own Device classroom, students can work with these function graphs using an iPhone, … Continue reading

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5 Must Do’s for Video Projects

If you want to have your students create a video to demonstrate their understanding of  content, keep these 5 tips in mind for a successful project: 1. Share the grading rubric and a sample finished product with the students The rubric … Continue reading

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Tips for a Successful QR Code Hunt

Using QR codes in the classroom is a very popular tech tool right now. One of the most common ways these codes are being used is to have a QR code scavenger hunt. Armed with a mobile device connected to … Continue reading

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School Google Apps Account

As our district prepares for 2 days of  in-service, one of our small sessions teachers can select to attend is on our district Google Apps platform. I wanted to take the time with this blog entry to point out the … Continue reading

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